The Virtuoso Awards have recognized the best of the best in marketing and communications efforts of London and area professionals for over 20 years. It has revealed excellence in our community for decades and now IABC London is taking a page out of its own winners’ playbook, reinventing the Virtuoso Awards image to reflect the high global standards it stands for.

Virtuoso reveals communication and creative professionals from across Southwestern Ontario as ones to watch – a chapter of distinction in the story of an individual or team whose strategic business communications achieve measured success.

In 2016, Virtuoso Awards turned a new page, uncovering its own storied background of first-class creative and superb strategy.


Our community of professionals knows what it means to be sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes in the spotlight, but always remain the “brains of the operation.” Award winners all have something in common other than the results they achieve: an appreciation for the complexities involved in marketing and communications efforts and for the need to juggle both internal corporate needs and external customer wants. Finding harmony and being able to unveil hidden motivations and successful solutions is a Virtuoso Award winner’s real task.

In the end, the Virtuoso Awards community represents a group of ever-evolving creatives and strategists, always blazing new paths, pushing the envelope, turning over new leaves… revealing excellence.

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The Virtuoso Awards, presented by IABC London: Regional Recognition. Global Standards. #Virtuoso18

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