Round One

IABC London Virtuoso Award entries are judged by affiliate IABC chapters, with a minimum of two judges evaluating each entry. In turn, a group of volunteer judges from IABC London evaluate entries from our affiliate chapters.

The score sheets are modelled after those used for the Canadian Silver Leaf and global Gold Quill awards program. The score sheets boast more objective and intuitive evaluation criteria, with additional comments from expert judges, to make sure you receive a fair evaluation. Regardless of the results, you will gain valuable and meaningful feedback on both your entry and work.

How are entries evaluated?

Entries are reviewed using standardized score sheets and criteria. Winning entries must demonstrate that they have met clearly-stated objectives, show originality and demonstrate results based on measured outcomes. Judges consider how well a program was conceived and executed, how appropriate the chosen strategy and objectives were for the audience and desired results, and how the outcomes are measured and achieved.

Score sheets:


IABC award entries are judged against international standards set by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). To ensure objectivity, all entries are evaluated using the Seven-Point Scale of Excellence used globally by IABC. All marks start at four, which represents a fully competent approach to communication planning and execution. Work is graded up or down, depending on the content and execution of the project. Marks of seven or one are very rare. Half-points may be awarded.

7 Outstanding An extraordinary or insightful approach or result
6 Significantly better than average Demonstrates an innovative, strategic approach, takes all elements into account and delivers significant results
5 Better than average Demonstrates a strategic approach and aligns the communication solution with the business need to deliver meaningful results
4 Average Competent approach or results, professionally sound and appropriate
3 Somewhat less than satisfactory Several key elements that are critical to the strategy or execution are missing, incorrect or under-represented
2 An inadequate approach or result A significant number of critical elements are missing
1 Poor Work that is wrong, inappropriate or not answered



  • For Management Divisions (1 to 3): 50 per cent of the marks are for the work plan and 50 per cent for the work sample.
  • For the Skills Division (4): The score is based on the work sample and its alignment with the information in the entry form.

Round Two

Once the first-round evaluations are complete, a second-round assessment of entries takes place. Local Accredited Business Communicators (ABCs) and other senior communicators from London and region review submissions for scoring consistency within categories and across divisions. This important review also ensures that meaningful and precise feedback (comments) is provided for every entry.

What Entries Win?

Entries must score at least 5.25 out of 7 possible points to receive an award. The IABC London Virtuoso program presents a Merit Award for entries receiving a score between 5.25 and 5.74. Entries scoring 5.75 and higher receive an Award of Excellence.

Student entries are judged according to the same standards as other entries but student entries receiving a score between 4.75 to 5.24 will be presented with a Merit Award. Student entries scoring 5.25 and higher receive an Award of Excellence.

There are no limitations to the number of awards presented in any given category.

All entrants will receive notification of their results in late April and early May 2018. Completed score sheets with scores and comments from judges will be provided for each entry.


Winners will receive their awards during the Virtuoso Awards Celebration on May 31. Learn more about the recognition opportunities for award winners.

The Best of the Best winners, the entry with the highest score in each division, will be announced at the Virtuoso Awards Celebration. The top contenders in each Division (up to three) will be notified before the event. (*In order for a Best of the Best to be awarded, there must be at least two entries in the division that have earned an Award of Excellence.)